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Get the complete Autumn Leaves collection with 5 lessons, three jazz solos and an octave solo, the chord melody, the comping lesson, and the practice tracks and save $. Almost 3 hours of video lessons with close up demonstrations and rehearsing with printable PDF files in tab, standard notation and chord grids.

AUTUMN LEAVES SOLO #1 - Learn this great 32 bar, Rich Severson solo to the jazz standard Autumn Leaves. The 29 minute video demonstrates measure by measure slowly and up close then Rich rehearses it all the way through with a metronome.

AUTUMN LEAVES SOLO #2 - Here's another great Rich Severson, 32 bar solo for the jazz standard Autumn Leaves. Rich will demonstrate each measure for you close up and slowly then rehearse the entire solo for you with a metronome on the 28 minute video.

AUTUMN LEAVES OCTAVE SOLO - Learn a Rich Severson 32 bar, Wes Montgomery style octave solo for Autumn Leaves. This solo will take your octave playing to the next level and impress your audience.

AUTUMN LEAVES Comping - Rich Severson substitutes the simple chords presented on the “Real Book” chart and develops a beautiful, interesting and melodic accompaniment. Rich demonstrates measure by measure with tight closeups, the comping chords he would use when playing this this beautiful, jazz standard.

"AUTUMN LEAVES" Chord Melody - Autumn Leaves offers a popular way for musicians to become acquainted with jazz harmony as it consists almost solely of II-V-I and II-V sequences which are typical of jazz. Rich will show you close up and in detail his chord melody arrangement that uses contrary motion and works great when playing with a combo.

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