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4 lessons introducing the Dirty Dozen chord series - Level 1

This video course includes 4 lessons introducing you to the Dirty Dozen Jazz Chords.

The Dirty Dozen Jazz Chords

A must know for every jazz or "Wannabe" jazz guitarist. With these 12 basic jazz chords you can play almost any jazz standard. Start with these, get them under your belt and then move onto more elaborate chord substitutions. 19 minute video lesson with close up demonstrations plus printable PDF chord charts.

The Dirty Dozen Chord Progressions

Learn 12 basic jazz progressions to help familiarize yourself with using the dirty dozen jazz chords. These are common chord moves you find in many jazz standards that every jazz guitarist or "Wannabe" jazz guitarist needs to know. Demonstrations and explanation on this 19 minute video lesson with printable PDF chord charts.

Chord Substitutions 101

Beginning chord substitutions. All chords are derived from one of three basic chord families, major, minor or dominant. No matter how elaborate a chord is, it draws its basic sound from one of these three groups. Learn the characteristics of each family and which chords are related to which family. Once you learn the families you can interchange other members of the same family to create different chord textures. Brief discussion on chord construction, extend chords and altered chords. 19 minute video lesson with PDF.

Apply the Dirty Dozen with a basic version of A Day In the Life of a Fool (Manha de

A simple comping version using the Dirty Dozen Jazz Chords. A Day In the Life of a Fool, a Brazilian tune also known as Manha de Carnaval or simply Carnival is a jazz Bossa Nova standard. This tune was integral in the 50's in helping establish Bossa Nova as an accepted jazz style. This 17minute video lesson featuring close ups, demonstrated slowly by measure, also includes audio practice tracks with bass, drums and melody line plus printable PDF chord chart and grids.

Rich Severson