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Eight lessons to help you master the most popular jazz waltz written by jazz guitarist Toots Thielemans. The chord melody arrangement is harmonized with plenty of changes. It's somewhat tricky to play but worth the effort. By learning the arpeggios for a song you will discover all the target notes to focus your solo line around. This collection has two arpeggios studies, one on the section of the neck and one on the upper will help develop your soloing.

On the first solo, Rich uses target notes to outline the changes and the second begins with a climbing lick and has some hooky ideas. The first comping arrangement uses the Dirty Dozen Jazz Chords. The first eight bars use "Blues Bird " changes that you will find used in several other songs. the second is a more interesting comping arrangement of the famous jazz waltz using the upper 4 strings.

Altered tones and some different shapes give it a pretty sound. The scale study lesson will help you understand the scales that can be used for soloing over the chord changes of Bluesette. Taking a scale approach will help simplify soloing ideas while still outlining the chords. This etude study will also help you memorize the chords and get your finger memory ready for soloing.

Approximately 3 hours of video lesson with fretboard close ups rehearsed slowly by measure then rehearsed by section with lots of explanations. Downloadable PDF in tab, chord girds and standard notation plus two separate MP3 practice tracks one track with keyboard, bass and drums at a slow tempo with a second track at medium tempo with guitar bass and drums.

Rich Severson