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The Fretboard Less Traveled

THE FRETBOARD LESS TRAVELED--Give your playing a shot in the arm with this guitar video program. Rich teaches you systematic inversions of the dominant 7th chord. Don't be satisfied with the same old chords you always play, this video will breath new life into your chords with these new inversions. 40 minute video and printable PDF music in both tab and standard notation.

Learn to play systematic chord inversions of dominant 7th chords in closed voicings within 3 string groups on the guitar. Learn these principles and you can then apply them to any chord. This will give you more chord inversion options and help you start creating melody within your chord accompaniments.

This digital video is available direct to your personal computer (Windows or Mac) with Music Enthusiast Television's Buy|Store|Stream™ service. Free preview.


"Your system remains the best I have seen in my many years of collecting books and VHS/DVDs..."


Rich Severson