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  • New Videos Each Month You'll automatically get access to all the new videos every month. As Rich releases new videos, we'll be adding them directly to your subscription library.
  • Easy and Fast Access With our video streaming service, you can play your videos from any computer connected to the Internet, anytime, anywhere instantly. No waiting for downloads. No need to store and take up disk space or having to move them between different computers.
  • Library and Personal play list areas. With these features you'll be able to easily manage your videos. You can select videos by type (Christmas, songs, improvisation, etc.) and level of difficulty, plus you can sort the videos by release date and title.
  • In Progress List The In Progress list keeps track of all the videos you're working on in one place. To return to any of the videos you've started, just click on it from the In Progress Area
  • Powerful Video Player. The video player is built right into the web site that allows you to select chapters in the video. This allows you to more easily find specific lessons or sections within longer videos.
  • Video Resume. This feature will remember the point where you pause or stop watching any of the videos and then allow you to resume watching at the same point.
  • Downloads. In the player, you'll also have your downloads linked directly to the video, so no going to a different web address. Just one click and the PDF and audio files automatically open up from the player.
  • iPad support Access your Guitar College videos from your iPad or iPhone

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