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Approaches to Jazz Comping
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Lessons 1-5

This is essential for the aspiring jazz guitarist and a good place to start jazz comping. This 60 minute video will help you understand how a blues chord progression is played differently in the rhythm and blues or rock and roll style as opposed to a bebop or jazz style. You will learn how to play the chords and a bass line at the same time and how to apply these moves to many other tunes. A must for players who play without a bass player.

Then we will start playing the chords of a blues progression and create melody lines at the same time with some new jazz chords. Next, we will expand the concept of melody within your comping chords with a very cool comping arrangement. Moving on, with 4 different versions, we'll study more ways of comping this commonly used Bebop blues progression.

By mastering these chord moves your playing will reach new heights enabling you to creating melody within your comping. Also includes the link to print up the PDF music written in both tab and standard notation and a link for the MP3 practice tracks.

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